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By Golibe, Erin, Erica, Amelia, Sheldon, Rithika, Kaitlyn

(Two speakers)

(both voices) We are historians!

(Not-angry voice) We may mispronounce words but that’s because the language hasn’t been spoken for centuries.

(Not-angry voice) Chicago isn’t just a city to us.

(Not-angry voice) Libraries are our second homes. But we wish it was the Library of Alexandria.

(Not angry voice) We study dead people because they don’t talk back.

(Not angry voice) We are not afraid of you, all of our friends are just dead!

(Angry voice) We don’t know every date and event ever…

(Angry voice) We are tired of being asked “What can you do with a history degree?”

(Angry voice) We have options, goddammit!!

(both voices)We are historians!

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