• smcmanus

By Erinn, Lauren, Mckenzie, Robin


I’m not an archeologist

I’m not a useless major, and I don’t just memorize facts

I don’t know every historical figure but I’m sure they thought they were really great

I can get a B.A. or a B.Sc and I WILL get a job

I cite in Chicago, not APA!

And it’s BCE, not BC!

I can confidently go through archives

I believe in footnotes, not in text citations,

evaluating sources, not quoting facebook

and that a bunny does get our point across

We study without formulas

Our classes are actually entertaining,

And Hollywood comes to us for entertainment



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I am a historian I do contribute to society, more than just research I do care about people I am not a know it all Tweed does not represent my fashion sense I am not a socially awkward nerd I have see

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