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By Chris, Jolene, Kiera, Sara, Tess

I am a historian, but I am not boring

I like tequila Tuesdays and drinking beer

I read more than documentaries and historical texts

I study history for myself to prepare for what’s coming, to learn from past mistakes that I didn’t make

I am athletic and like to party but will crust you in a debate about the Venetian sex trade, Leopold von Ranke, and Thomas Carlyle

You think our citations are weird but they ARE better than yours

In my skimming expertise I can non only read five books in one hour, but I can tell you what’s real from fake

IN saying all this, your expectations are correct: I love learning and debating about who won the war of 1812 … it was us!



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By Andrea, Brandon, Kaite, Savannah

I am a historian I do contribute to society, more than just research I do care about people I am not a know it all Tweed does not represent my fashion sense I am not a socially awkward nerd I have see

Contact me for more information:

Sheila McManus

Professor, Department of History

University of Lethbridge

(403) 329-2540