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By Brianna, Ethan, Grace, Hanna, Perri

So I’m a history major, you may ask

- what are you going to do with that?

- are you planning on going into Ed?

I’m not a radical left wing

I don’t plan on working at a museum

Not all History is Ancient

Here’s some answers for your Uncle Bill:

Canada won the war of 1812

John A Macdonald was a fascist

Aliens did not build the pyramids

Hitler was a bad guy no matter what he did for Germany

As a historian:

- we disagree but facts still matter

- no I don’t want to be on your trivial pursuit team

- I don’t wear glasses or tweed

- No I don’t love to read or write

- Yes I know it’s an arts degree

- No I wont’ do your Chicago citations for you

- But yes it is the best citation style

- I can’t read Latin or Ancient Greek


We don’t have the worst useless degree, there are still KNES majors

I’m taking History not because I didn’t get into U of C, you’re taking MGMT because you didn’t get into U of C so take Uleth business major out of your Instragram bio because you’re a management major

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