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By Andrew, Jeff, Taylor, Troy, Zuohal

My name is ____________

We are not novelists

We do not just remember dates and names

We do not just study great men, we study other people too

We do not just study European history, but we do that as well

We do not just study big battles, we study small ones too

We do not fabricate History, it’s crazy enough with on its own

We tell the truth, even if it sucks

We do like to tell stories, even if no one is listening

We are not all old stuffy men, but some of us are

We do research our facts

We do cite our sources

Chicago is the best form of citation, but I hate 17th edition

History is not boring, it is stuffed full of all the best adventures

Google does not have all the answers, but sometimes it helps

History has all the answers,

We hold the keys

History is the second oldest academic field, but unlike philosophy we can still get jobs

I am a Historian


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